South Beloit holds a Federal Warehouse License governed by the USDA.  South Beloit is located on the Union Pacific Railroad providing direct access to the export, feed, and processing markets.  The elevator is able to load 75 car trains in one day.  South Beloit also operates a truck facility in Orfordville, WI.

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Elevator & Contact Information
Marketing Alternatives

Elevator & Contact Information

4739 Prairie Hill Rd.
South Beloit, Illinois 61080

Phone 815-389-3737 (IL)
800-DEMETER (toll free)
Fax 815-389-9560

Normal Hours: 8:00 am – 4 pm, Monday-Friday
Season Hours: to be determined

Jim Cronin, Manager
Email Jim Cronin

Robin Borchardt, Assistant Manager
Email Robin Borchardt

John Handy, Superintendent
Email John Handy

Janel Olson, Bookkeeper
Email Janel Olson



South Beloit elevator is conveniently located less than a mile from IL-251 in South Beloit, Illinois.

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Marketing Alternatives

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Scenarios of When/When Not to Use Marketing Alternative

Weak Basis
Strong Basis
Low Futures
High Futures
Spot no yes no yes
Storage yes no yes no
Deferred Pricing yes no yes no
Purchase Contract no yes no yes
Price Protection Program n/a n/a n/a n/a
Basis Contract no yes yes no
Futures Only Contract yes no no yes
Minimum Price Contract n/a n/a yes no
Optional Price Contract n/a n/a no yes
Maximum Price Contract no yes no yes


Weather, LDP & Market Info

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PO Box 668 Fowler, IN
Phone: 765-884-9320
Fax:  765-884-9324